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How To Be The Best Advent Angel

December has arrived, which means it’s time for the Advent Angels to be secretly roaming the halls delivering presents. Each year the girls who wish to participate in Advent Angels write up a list of a few of their favorite things. The list, along with the girl’s name, is put in a hat to be drawn by another girl in the same grade and then the fun begins. 

I’m going to give you 5 popular ideas you could give your assigned recipient. The first one is obvious: fuzzy socks or slippers, and/or a soft blanket. To make it more personalized, try to get their favorite color or a pattern you know they will love. A perfect gift any girl would love is a “pamper basket”. Some things to include in the basket would be a bath bomb, nail polish, and a face mask. In 2019 accessories have been very trendy and that will probably continue into the new year, so a hair scarf, scrunchie, or necklace would be a sweet item for any Mercy girl. Three necessary items to get your Mercy girl for the high stress leading up to finals are chocolate, a stress ball, and a final’s binder. It would be very creative and thoughtful to personalize the binder by including a folder for each of their classes and label them.

A cozy DIY gift that would be sweet would be a hot chocolate snowman! Get three mini mason jars and fill them with marshmallows, hot cocoa, and peppermints, then stack them and put a ribbon on for his scarf. The last idea is make an ornament and fill it up with their favorite candy.

Some of these ideas are more on the creative side, but everyone should add their own touch to make it special for their girl. Happy Advent Angel season, I hope you got inspired and found some ideas!

Sabrina DeGeorge
Senior at Mercy on OO core team and Chief Editor for Tea Time.
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