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Embracing History: Spirit Week!

In light of Spirit Week and especially our blast from the past theme this year, it is common to find ourselves reminiscing on past themes. Mercy has touched base with almost everything from summer camp, underwater, Disney, and even salad dressing. Follow along as I recap the last four Spirit Week themes!

#1. Nautical Nocturne, 2016

Photo from Mercy High School

The Mercy girls took a dive into fun in 2016 with an underwater theme. The days of the week consisted of tourist days, titanic themes, and TV show characters.

Claire Wulff Morgan, class of 2018, says, “It was my favorite spirit week experience for sure. I remember being wary of the theme but it ended up being really great, especially with hallway decorations. We got to have a lot of fun with a theme that was more broad, there was a lot of room for creativity.”


#2. Once Upon a Nocturne, 2017

Photo from Mercy High School

Following Nautical Nocturne, Spirit Week was a very magical time in 2017! Girls spent their week dressing up with crazy hair, as twins and old fairy tales. The overall theme was “Fairytale”. 

“It was such a cute theme and all the decorations were absolutely adorable!” Says Audra Pflug, class of 2019. ”Looking back it’s such a fond memory and I’ll never forget it!“

Each Spirit Week ends with a formal dance we call Nocturne. 2017’s Nocturne had each Mercy girl feeling like a princess! The decorations varied from fairy lights to a garden!

#3. Dressing up for Nocturne, 2018

Photo of students on “Round Up Ranch” day

Dressing up for Nocturne was one of Mercy’ most unique themes. The overall theme had a salad dressing vibe, but the costumes consisted of farmers, twins, and “girl power”-wear.

Each day had a play on a different type of salad dressing. Ranch Monday, Thousand Island Tuesday, Dorothy Lynch Wednesday and so on. Abby O’Connor ‘20 mentioned that Ranch Monday was her favorite. “It was a really fun theme to dress up in!”

Nocturne, however, was surely not decorated with salad dressing! The dance was decorated as a red carpet that girls could “dress up” for, playing off of the word “dressing.”

#4. Dancing Through the Decades, 2019

Photo from Mercy High School

This years theme has been quite the hit! Students have been going all out dressing up from the 20s, 50s, 60s, and 80s.

Costumes have been quite creative this year. This theme is very flexible this year, as girls can dress up as characters, role models, or just in a fitting outfit.

Walking through the decorated hallways is liking traveling back in time. It has been very fun watching my classmates interpret the past.

“The theme for 2019 spirit week has been my favorite since starting at Mercy!” Mentions Bella Goaley ‘21. “Everyone can participate and really fulfill the mercy tradition of Spirit Week leading up to Nocturne.”

It is very safe to say that Spirit Week is one of Mercy’s favorite traditions. It will always be so special for girls to get creative and go all out with your Mercy sisters!

Carolyn Klein
Junior on Student Council and Dance Team / Fine Arts editor
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