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Poet’s Corner

There are many ways for one to express oneself through words. Writing, singing, speeches… but one of the most raw and artistic forms is through poetry.  

Poetry is a form of literary work where emotions are expressed with rhyme or rhythm.  There are also many types of poetry such as free verse, sonnet, haiku, and acrostic. 

Mercy’s “Louder Than a Bomb” poetry club

Masie Wieser, sophomore at Mercy, is very involved in poetry and even won first place at UNO’s Intergenerational Poetry Contest. “Poetry is honestly very therapeutic for me and helps me put what I feel into words.” says Maisie, “Words often just come to me at random.”  

Maisie’s poetic style falls under free verse. Free verse is a form of poetry that does not require a certain pattern. It is commonly used for expressing more emotional feelings. “I really enjoy the freedom that comes with this type of poetry because there are no rules to how I write.”

“Louder Than a Bomb” showing school pride!

Maisie feels very passionate towards Mercy’s poetry club, Louder Than a Bomb, and felt lucky to be so welcomed in as a freshman. This club is a great opportunity for girls to explore the different types of poetry and express themselves.

Creating poetry can be different for everyone. As each poem has different rhymes, themes, and meanings, each poet has a different take on creating their work. For Maisie, she doesn’t have a particular process. “The poems I write are often a direct reflection of some part of myself or how I see the world“

It can be very easy to forget the very many different ways to define ourselves. At Mercy, there is everything from sports, dance, art, leadership all the way to poetry. It’s the little things that can spark excitement in us.

It is very important for these aspects of Mercy to be acknowledged and celebrated every day. For Maisie, “poetry is a way to connect with other people, and that is the beauty in sharing it.”

Challenge yourself today by writing a piece of poetry!


Carolyn Klein
Junior on Student Council and Dance Team / Fine Arts editor
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