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How to Look Chic This Spirit Week

As Nocturne 2019 is quickly approaching, Mercy High School is about to experience a trip back in time. As student council announced this year’s theme, Dancing Through the Decades, several teachers began to rejoice in their glory days all while our Gen Z student body began to panic with the question of what to wear.

It’s time to put all your concerns away because here at ‘Tea Time’, we’ve done the research for you. 

Majestic Monday 

Photo via Collectors Weekly
Photo via Pinterest

Calling all Gatsby fanatics! On the first day of Spirit Week, we’re taking it back to the Roaring Twenties. Ditch your skintight dresses, because the look of the 1920s was loose and straight-fit. The ‘boxier’, the better! Besides the iconic flapper dress, other styles included fur coats, felt hats, fedoras, pearls, and geometric, art-deco inspired patterns. 

Not up to wearing a dress in this frigid November weather? No problem. The 1920s were significant in that it was the first time it became acceptable for a woman to wear pants. Popular styles at the time included trouser pants paired with a button up, Asian-inspired lounge pants worn with a matching blouse, and beach pajamas.

Twist it Tuesday 

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Time to channel your inner Pink Lady because on Tuesday we’re taking it back to the 1950s. Contrary to the box-shape of the Roaring Twenties, the 50s was the decade of the hourglass shape.One of the most iconic looks was a mid-length princess-style skirt or printed capris pants paired with a blouse or button-up shirt. 

Saving money for Saturday? Just wear your uniform skirt with a turtleneck, blouse, or button-up. Plaid was the most popular print for both women and men! 

Woodstock Wednesday

Photo via The New York Times

The 1969 Woodstock Festival brought together over half a million people to celebrate peace, music, and love and was a definitive moment of the decade. The festival was one of the most monumental events for the hippie movement, and the fashion worn by the attendees remains iconic to this day. 

If you could wear it to Coachella, you can wear it on Wednesday! The Bohemian style was very popular in the midst of the hippie movement. Pull out your bell bottom jeans, loose fitting peasant-style shirts, and flower headbands… maybe even accessorize with a pacifist protest sign.

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Although the hippie movement was quintessential to the 1960s, the first half of the decade can be defined by the ‘mod’, or modern, style. Inspired by the ‘go-go’ girls of London, England, the mod look was all about bold prints, bright colors, and black and white pairings. Just pair a shift dress with some colored tights and you’re set, baby.

Thriller Thursday 

We’ve all seen the ‘80s girl’ costumes with the bright neon tutus and off the shoulder graphic tees. Although there are some accuracies in popular depictions of the fashion of the decade, the style is often times misrepresented. 

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Ironically, much of the style of the 80s is popular today! ‘Mom jeans’, denim and leather jackets, scrunchies and button up rompers or jumpsuits, much like the Eleven’s in Stranger Things, were “totally tubular” to wear.

Just raid your mama’s high school wardrobe or take a trip down to your local Goodwill, for some “tight” Spirit Week looks. Just one rule to remember : if you think your shoulders are big enough, they’re not.

We hope our guide helps you look and feel great during Spirit Week 2019! 

Elizabeth Walters
Editor in Chief.
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