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Five TV Shows and Movies to Binge During Thanksgiving Break

As the holiday season is nearing, I have created a list of 5 shows and movies I highly recommend watching. What better time to start binging than over Thanksgiving break.

Nadine in ”The Edge of Seventeen”
  • The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: Even though this show has a spooky and Halloween themed title, I would watch it at any time. Sabrina Spellman, 16 year old half witch half human, is counting down her days until she signs her name in the “Book”. Along the journey she deals with problems with going to an academy for witches only and having to lie to her human friends about her other life. Watch this show to figure out what Sabrina does to combined her two lives as one.
  • Victorious: As one of the most well known TV shows that has just been added onto Netflix, Victorious is a classic throwback. Tori Vega, played by Victoria Justice, has just transferred to Hollywood Arts from a public school. Follow her journey from being a singer at a new school to meeting her news friends and dealing with her annoying older sister.
  • The Edge of Seventeen: Nadine, a seventeen year old girl played by Hailee Steinfeld, is faced with the troubles that high school brings. Her life-long best friend has fallen in love with her old brother. In this movies you get to see Nadine’s real side as she copes with losing her best friend and how she develops into a different person all by herself.
  • Grey’s Anatomy: Rated one of the highest watched tv shows, Shonda Rhimes still keeps us on our toes for a 16th season. The 16th season is not like any other. Meredith Grey is faced with legal issues causing her to face community service and eventually prison time. Rhimes never fails to leave fans on the edge and obsessing over her show.
  • The Grinch: To get yourself into the Christmas mood, Netflix has just re-added The Grinch. Not just the animated version, but also the live version is on Netflix. Check out this classic before it’s too late!


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