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Spirit of Mercy Winner- 11/4/19

Jenny Beccera, Lolah-Belle Bunche, Carly Evans, Grace Gonka, Kelsey Hudecek, Nevaeh Johnson, Amy Marquez, Adriana Rangel, Eleanore Slavik, Simone Wilson, Molly Vankat, Abby Verkuilen, Gabby Zuerlein, and Student Council.

Jenny Beccera for excellent effort in class and her help teaching others.

Lolah-Belle Bunche – Lolah-Belle saw that Mrs. Miller had her hands full and waited at the bottom of the stairs to hold the door open for her.

Carly Evans for staying after school voluntarily to help a student who was absent from class.

Grace Gonka – went out of her way to help a classmate dealing with getting their car towed.

Kelsey Hudecek for taking out my trash when it was full.

Nevaeh Johnson for her unmatched la dentista enthusiasm.

Amy Marquez- she stayed to help clean-up after our abriendo puertas celebration on Friday.  

Adriana Rangel- Helped a student be successful in class without singling out the other student.

Eleanore Slavik found more than $30 in the hallway and brought it the office with genuine concern that someone would not be able to pay for their lunch today. Luckily, the owner was quickly identified, but Eleanore didn’t have to turn it in – no one else knew about it, but she did anyway.

Simone Wilson for cleaning a spill in the carpet.

Molly Vankat for good citizenship in class.

Abby Verkuilen for her enthusiasm and willingness to help with Open House.

Gabby Zuerlein  loaned her sweater to a frosh (to cover up a uniform infraction.)

StudCo Members for exceptional Nocturne/Spirit Week planning.

Sabrina DeGeorge
Senior at Mercy on OO core team and Chief Editor for Tea Time.
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