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Save The Bees— Guest Blog

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of insects? Is it a creepy bug with long legs and multiple tiny eyes? Most people nowadays tend to have a negative view towards insects and ignore how critical their survival is to our own. While not all insects are involved in the process of pollination, the ones that do carry it out are in need of our help. It is important for everyone to understand that we depend on pollinators when it comes to the production of plants and fruits that are in our daily diets.

I, personally, do not mind bugs. I think that they are chill little dudes who provide us and other animals with sources of food. However not all bugs are pollinators, and there are people who confuse the creepy crawlies that sneak into kitchen floors with the pollinators who keep the food supply going. Bees are one example of pollinators that get a bad rep. Whenever a bee appears where people are, the majority of them freak out and try to kill it. What many people do not understand is that bees are some of the starting players when it comes to the game of pollination. They are the source of pollination for many types of fruits, and they are the only ones responsible for the pollination of almonds. They provide us with so much! The least we can do in return is not being scared of them when they come in our general area.

It is important to know what animals are pollinators, and to give them a safe environment so they can perform their pollinating duties. So next time you see a monarch butterfly, a honey bee, or any other kind of pollinator, know that it does not want to hurt you, it is just doing its job.

By: Rena Lee

Sabrina DeGeorge
Senior at Mercy on OO core team and Chief Editor for Tea Time.
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