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A Halloween Blast To The Past

I spent Halloween this year at home sick. I couldn’t help but look back on past Halloweens from my childhood.

I used to love Halloween. It was my absolute favorite holiday. Whats not to love? Don’t get me wrong I still love Halloween. I mean, mega discounted candy is really hard to hate, especially for this type one diabetic with a sugar addiction. Halloween used to be so much more exciting than just cheap candy.

Trying to find the perfect character I could become for one night was one of the most challenging yet enjoyable parts of Halloween. I couldn’t wait to show off my new, exciting, and meticulously assembled ensemble. Halloween costume nights at my dance studio was always just as exciting as Halloween. Getting to show off my absolutely perfect costume to all my friends and getting to dance around, not in a leotard for once, was the best part of Halloween.

I remember one year my Girl Scout troop participated in a Halloween themed cake auction. With one of my closest friends and assistance from my mom, I made and decorated a cake. We frosted off-brand Oreos orange with green stems as pumpkins. We were five, so we had the biggest sugar rush after that. I think that day is what sparked my interest in baking.

I miss getting excited about holidays like I did when I was younger. I used to pour every single drop of happiness and excitement into festive activities.

I’ve been wanting to try that again.

Erin Hardy
I’m a theater kid who loves chickens a little too much. / Around Mercy Editor
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