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The School Wide Stressor

Last year Mercy got a donation that allowed all students, grades freshmen through junior, to go through the On To College Test Prep program for the ACT and PSAT. This is so important because the average cost of the full test prep program costs around $300 per student. Why would someone pay so much to prepare for one test?

First off, PSAT stands for Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test. Even though it is closer to the SAT and our school puts more of an emphasis on the ACT, it is good practice for other future tests you might elect to take like the SAT or AP exams. Not only that, but it is also a good way to figure out which subjects you need to focus on in preparation for other standardized tests. It can also help you adjust to the time limit. 

The John Baylor cardboard at prom last year gave students and faculty the opportunity to show some love to our favorite test prep guru

The PSAT does offer more benefits other than practice and preparation. If you take the test your junior year, your scores can be considered for the National Merit Scholarship Competition. Last year Hanna Stec was a finalist in the competition, and this year senior Claire Schweikert was named a National Merit Scholarship Program Commended Student. 

Yes, some think the PSAT is useless but it helps you in more ways than you think. Keep that in mind if you take it again, and use the excellent opportunity that is On To College Test Prep to your advantage. 

Erin Hardy
I’m a theater kid who loves chickens a little too much. / Around Mercy Editor
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