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How to Triumph on the ACT

Another ACT is upon us again. For most people that means stressful nights of studying. But have no fear, I have some helpful tips that will you help you jump your score. With these tips you will even make John Baylor proud of you!

  1. Use the ON TO COLLEGE Program: We are so lucky to have this program at our school. We get instructors coming to our school and we have plenty of videos from #ontocollege. John Baylor is always there to help us “hammer the grammar”.
  2. Talk to the Counselors and Teachers. If you have any questions about what to look forward on the test, the counselors are a great resource. They have practice tests in their office and know great practice resources. If you have any questions on a particular section on the ACT, the teachers here are always willing to help out and answer any questions.
  3. Purchase Your Own ACT Prep Book: It’ll help if you purchase your own practice book to work on at home. It provides different strategies for each  section.
Some of my ACT prep material

In the fall of 2020, ACT will have new rules for the test. According to one of the counselors, Mrs. Driml-Powers, “ACT will allow a student to do section retakes.” She also mentioned that students will have the option of taking the test online and students can combine their best scores from many tests to create their “super score”. With all of these new policies, the tips are still helpful to succeed. I asked a few Mercy seniors what their tips were for the night before and the morning of the big test. Here are their responses:

  1. Go to bed early
  2. Don’t study the night before
  3. Treat yourself the night before
  4. Eat plenty of food in the morning
  5. Wake up early and work out
  6. Print your ticket the night before
The person who taught Mercy girls how to “hammer the grammar”: John Baylor!

With all of these tips, the number one thing to remember is to bring your confidence. Mrs. Driml-Powers said, “Go into the test thinking positive thoughts.” If you go into the testing site feeling down on yourself, you will not perform well. Your attitude is the key to success.

Mercy has prepared us well and we are all intelligent Women of Mercy.

Gina Troia
I’m a senior who loves Stranger Things and pizza
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