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5 Ways to Pray More in Your Daily Life

Life can be pretty stressful. There’s too many quizzes, trying to study for the ACT, and trying to juggle sports and school at the same time, everything seems to get chaotic. It’s important to take time and reflect on ourselves. When we take time in our busy schedule to pray, it can help us mentally and spiritually. Today I’m going to show you top five ways to pray more often:

  1. The Chapel: Mercy has a beautiful chapel. Try tasome during a late start morning to sit in the quiet and pray to God
  2. Playlists on Spotify: Spotify has plenty of relaxing playlists. You can find religious music playlists, instrumental playlists, and inspirational music playlists.
  3. Pray in the Car: Sometimes it feels like the only free time we have is in our car driving to and from school. Try taking some time to say a few prayers or just have a conversation with God.
  4. Meditation: Meditation is a form of prayer. It gives us a chance to clear our minds, focus on breathing, and be in touch with our bodies. Meditation helps us erase all the stress we’re under and puts life into perspective.
  5. Pray in Between Classes: We have four minutes for every passing period. Use that time to say hello to God or just say a little prayer.

Praying shouldn’t feel like a chore. We can use prayer to calm us down or to have a conversation with God. It can be a simple request or just explain what you’re thankful for. We shouldn’t feel stressed over praying. God loves us and he is always there for us. We should never underestimate the power of prayer.

Gina Troia
I’m a senior who loves Stranger Things and pizza
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