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Introducing Our New Athletic Director

This year we are lucky to welcome the wonderful Ms. Kowal back to Mercy. 

A little about Ms. Kowal is that she graduated from Mercy in the year 2002. She was always very athletic and active with sports. After she finished her education and biology degrees she came back and taught at Mercy for a few years. 

Sadly she did leave Mercy for a few years and taught at a middle school here in Omaha. When she saw that the position of Athletic Director had opened up at Mercy she felt that she had to return to the mission that she had known and loved. 

Ms. Kowal is definitely qualified for her position as Athletic Director. After she finished her education and biology degrees she went to grad school for sports medicine. During her first period of teaching at Mercy she coached softball, and while she was teaching at the middle school she coached swimming and basketball. 

Softball players working together in the relay

She certainly is very loyal to Mercy and our mission. In her words, “Some things just never change, the community aspect, and the over all atmosphere of the building is the same. Just open, caring, and welcoming.”

In this position back at Mercy she is looking forward to seeing all of the girls grow into women of Mercy like her sisters, friends that she has kept in touch with from high school, and herself. 

Erin Hardy
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