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Babies, Babies, and More Babies!

It’s an exciting year at Mercy High School, as three teachers prepare to welcome the newest additions to their families and the Mercy community.  Ms. Davis, Mr. Riesberg, and Mr. Maddigan are all excepting babies within this school year.  In addition, Mr. von Kampen recently had a baby girl last May.  

In an interview with Mr. Riesberg I asked, “How are you and your wife preparing for your newest edition?”  He responded, “We decided to make my wife’s craft room into the new baby’s room…Since we are not finding out the gender we will have to have a few clothes ready for each sex.”  



The only thing Mercy girls love more than Fazoli’s breadsticks is new babies and (possibly) future Mercy girls.  Mrs. Davis said when asked, “What are you looking forward to about having another member to your family?”  She answered, “I am really looking forward to baby snuggles again.  I am also excited to see Leah (her daughter) transform into a big sister…She will be very protective, caring, and very bossy…”

Mr. Maddigan and his wife are expecting their baby within the next couple of weeks and the Mercy community could not be any more ecstatic and ready for updates as well as many pictures.  

Mrs. Davis will be due February 10, 2020.  Her and her husband say they have no names yet but, have a hard time coming to agree on just one name.  Ms. Davis would like everyone to know she is very open for suggestions.  Mr. Riesberg’s wife is due January of 2020.  He says they hope for no snow around the time that their baby will arrive.  When being asked, “Do you have any names picked out and what is the meaning behind the name?”  Riesberg responded, “I am always game for Nebuchadnezzar for a boys name, but I know my wife will not agree.  We have not decided on any names yet for either gender.”

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