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Spring Clean-Up

Now that winter is officially over and spring has begun, it’s time to clean up. Whether it is trash in your yard or garbage in your neighborhood, we need to work together to make our city clean. Some garbage is dangerous to animals.

Trash we loaded to get rid of.

They get tangled in trash and are unable to function. In some cases, the animals die. For example, a sea turtle gets trapped in a plastic Gatorade wrapper. It could cut off the turtles’ air circulation and cause him to die. This is all avoidable if we keep the trash picked up.

Signs that encourage cleaning.

Cleaning up trash also makes the neighborhood look nicer. Scattered trash invites small rodents and bugs. Rats, mice, and flies are all animals that love garbage. This is also a sanitary hazard so make sure to clean up trash when you see it.

If getting rid of trash is a problem, there are plenty of opportunities to get rid of it free of charge. There are sites where you can drop off your trash that can’t be collected by the weekly roadside pick-up.

There are also groups that go around and pick up trash. This also counts as community service. If you are in need of service hours, you can pick up trash.

Joan McKenna
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