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Spirit of Mercy Award Winners

Each week a few students are awarded the Spirit of Mercy Award for random acts of kindness.

This weeks winners are….

Shacty Alvarez-Hurtado, Jenny Becerra, Stephanie Hernandez, Alexis Hernandez-Portugues, Maddie Lopez, Jade Martinez, Arlene Navarro, Wendy Rangel. All these ladies represented Mercy at the Cinco de Mayo parade this weekend and did a phenomenal job!   

Kate Tietjen and Jordan Fett (Outstanding Seniors)

Anna Buck and Anna Sommers for going above and beyond in English 11 class helping peers last week.

Emma Weis, Hanna Stec, Lexi Seifken, Jo Jo Fett, Uyen Nguyen, Megan Oswald, Madison Kinsey, not specified but did something great!

Julia Tripp
shorter than most
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