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Farewell to Alt, Stanley, and Modrell

There are three faculty and staff members leaving Mercy after the end of this school year. The three who are leaving are Mrs. Shannon Alt, Mrs. Anne Stanley, and Mr. Kevin Modrell. 

I asked each of them to talk about why they are leaving and how they feel about making this transition. 

Mrs. Alt is leaving because she is part of a military family, and that means she has to move to around a whole lot. She said that she is going to miss Mercy so much, but she is very excited to move to Georgia because “it’s always a wonderful adventure to see where life takes us, and to grow and make new friendships along the way!”

Mrs. Stanley made the decision to leave in order to make time to be with her daughter, Cora, as well as her new baby who is on the way. She explained that she is going to miss all of the students and her coworkers. “I will miss talking about chicken nuggets with Miss M., talking about cats with Miss Umstead, sharing lunches with Mrs. Kessler, going on school trips with Mr. T, and telling stories with the second floor crew”.

Mr. Modrell decided it was time to leave because he wanted to be there for his family more. “I am a family man first and I told my wife that if my work ever got in the way of family, I would choose family. I want to watch my boys play football and do the things they enjoy”.

One thing that they all stated, was that Mercy is a fantastic place and they will miss the school and all of the amazing, hardworking, compassionate, and dedicated people in it very much. Each of them absolutely adore all of Mercy’s traditions and welcoming atmosphere! 

A message to Alt, Stanley, and Modrell: You might miss Mercy, but Mercy will miss you more! Thank you for all of your work here and more importantly, the lasting impacts you all have had on many students and other faculty members in the Mercy community. We love you all and we wish you all the best in whatever the next chapters in your life have in store for you. God Bless You!

Morgan Wright
nap queen & chicken nugget fiend
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