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The Last Show

Mercy hosts plays produced and put on by the students twice a year. Ranging from plays to musicals. Mercy has done it all. This year things got very sad, there wasn’t a dry eye in the audience. 

Hanna Stec is a senior at Mercy and has been involved in theater since freshman year. She stated “There wasn’t a dry eye anywhere, especially me because this is my last year at Mercy and it is now just setting in.” She made many friendships that will last a lifetime. These girls are like a family to her.

Part of Class of 2019

Not only did the seniors cry, but everyone did. Kateri Pantoja told people who couldn’t make the show, “It was a chain reaction, once one person teared up other people started to.” Mercy High School is more than just an education center, it is more like a family.

This year’s musical was “Into the Woods.” Into the Woods is about many characters from fairytales including Cinderella and Little Red Riding Hood. These characters make wishes and interact with one another as their stories come together. Some characters are trying to reverse a curse. Many fictional characters complete their quests while dealing with their own personal problems. Into the Woods has many songs that are sung throughout it and some are more well known than others. Some of the more popular songs include “Into the Woods”, “On the Steps of the Palace”, and “Agony.”

As the musical ended, many seniors came to the realization that this was their last performance. Going out with hugs and tears Mercy class of 2019 will never forget their experiences in Mercy theater. It will forever be engraved on their hearts. 

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