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Finishing the Year Strong

The school year is coming to an end– we are already in the fourth quarter and past progress reports. Our last day is May 23rd, which is a Thursday. Many girls most likely have a countdown of their own, but for the ones who don’t, we have exactly twenty six days left in all, excluding the seniors. The day can’t come any faster until we are all free of homework, tests, and waking up early.

Tulips in the front of the school

But we can’t check out just yet. It’s time to get prepared for finals and finish strong. It’s that time of year when most are fantasizing over the best summer ever. We slowly slack off in school and not give our one hundred percent effort because it’s almost over.

Staying organized is a key factor into studying for finals. Take the time now to gather all of your notes and quizzes. One thing that helps me is to put all my notes into one document for each class.

A study group in the ASC

It’s also a great to talk to your friends and plan a study group. Studying with friends sometimes makes it easier to understand a topic from anotehr perspective.

Use a calendar to plan out important upcoming dates like finals. Using a daily assignment planner is such an easy way to stay organized and know what you have for homework.

A planner and calendar

Let’s get organized and go strong towards the end!

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