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Is Running Good for the Long Run?

Running is an activity that many people do every day. As a track athlete, running is a very common activity for me, and I do it very often. While it is a good source of exercise, some question its long term effects. Running is healthy for one’s body, despite its minimal  drawbacks.

Some say that running is bad for joints. While this may be true, those who say this may fail to see the upsides that running provides. Running is an excellent way to burn calories. If one runs for 5mph for one hour, they have the potential to loose almost 600 calories. This is why so many people resort to running when looking to loose weight. It is a fantastic way to burn off fat while giving one time to think about what is going on during their workout. It is very easy once one is accustomed to running to start to get into a zone that allows them to focus on other tasks. Some runners even mention how their quiet time when running gives them the perfect amount of time to think about what they need. Overall, running is a very personal exercise that provides phenomenal physical benefits.

While some say that that running causes an increased rate of heart attack, running is actually good for hearts when thinking long term. It lowers bad cholesterol and increases the amount of good cholesterol in the body, lowering it overall. It also reduces the risk of heart disease. Heart health is an arising issue, and runners everywhere are looking to increase their lifespan. By running, one can achieve many health advantages as well.

To get an insider’s glimpse on the running experience, I talked to some runners from Mercy High’s track team. When asked about the positive effects of running on her life, Jenna Bies, Class of 2019, said that she did feel positive effects of running on her life. Annie Vana, Class of 2021, says that she feels accomplished after running. She told me that is has gotten her in good shape and that it has helped in other aspects of her life. The track team works very hard during their practices and do well when competing. Their team medals often and several runners express their love for the sport.

Mercy High before a meet.

Personally, I have seen several benefits of running in my own life It is not only good to keep in shape, but also in my personal health. As an athlete, I believe that my teammates and I experience that positive effects that running has every day.

Allison Vana
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