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April ACT

Last Saturday, April 13, was the 2019 April ACT. The Juniors at Mercy and many other high schools in the area have been preparing for the ACT for months leading up to it. Many students from Mercy as well as the other schools in our area, took the ACT on Saturday. 

When John Baylor came to Mercy to help us prepare for the big test, he gave each of the Juniors binders filled with practice tests, grammar rules, what to bring to the test, tips and tricks on how to maximize our scores, and how to prepare the week leading up to the ACT. The binders also included suggestions for what we should do on the morning of the test.

The week leading up to the ACT, it is recommended that you try some practice problems and tests each night, and look over the grammar rules as well. The night before the test, it is strongly suggested that you go to bed early, or at least at a decent hour, no later than midnight.

The morning of the test, John Baylor recommended for everyone to get up before 6:30 A.M. He said this so that we would have enough time to eat a healthy breakfast, make sure that we have all of the necessary materials to bring for the test, and get to the testing center early to avoid unnecessary stress.

The day of the test, I woke up, threw on my “Hammer the Grammar” shirt, and left my house. I personally made the mistake of not taking Baylor’s suggestion of eating breakfast. I also had a good amount of caffeine, which was also not recommended by John. I went to Starbucks for coffee, picked up my friend, and we went to take the ACT together.

The test went okay, but I was very relieved when it was over (for now)… see you in June, ACT!

Morgan Wright
nap queen & chicken nugget fiend
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