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Spirit of Mercy Award Winners

Anou Akot, Anna Buck, Sam Burns, Clare Coniglio, Emma Elsasser, Bella Goaley, Melanie Hernandez, Ellie Houghtaling, Susie Huggins, Carolyn Klein, Carlee Lee, Rena Lee, Jade Martinez, Katalina Petak, Laura Sullivan Kate Tietjen,Makayla Townsend

Makayla Townsend and Rena Lee for being a speaker at Info Night

Kate Tietjen for helping freshmen consider running for student council

Anna Buck for her kindness to a fellow student. 

Clare Coniglio for helping a classmate feel completely included

Bella Goaley, Jade Martinez, Emma Elsasser for helping an 87 yr old man at the soccer game. They got him a chair and escorted him!

Ellie Houghtaling, Carolyn Klein, Bella Goalie, Carlee Lee, Melanie Hernandez, Anou Akot, Emma Elsasser, Katalina Petak and Sam Burns for singing happy birthday to someone at a different lunch table.

Susie Huggins for thoughtfulness toward the counselors

Sam Burns for taking attendance when a sub hadn’t arrived to class

Laura Sullivan for buying a coloring book for the ASC


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