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Not All Heroes Wear Capes

Morgan Wright

My sister, Lauren Wright may be younger than me, but she does not fail to inspire me day after day. 

Ever since I could talk, I had been asking my mom and dad for a brother or sister. In October of 2005, God answered my prayers and gifted me with a very sweet and loving little sister named Lauren.

Growing up, Lauren had always been the more outgoing, loud, and confident one of the two of us. I have always been extremely shy and quiet, and I liked to keep my circle small. My sister is very much the opposite of that, and she has always enjoyed having a large group of friends. Lauren always invited over twenty guests to her birthday parties, while I only wanted a few of my closest friends at mine.

As the extremely shy kid I was, I always found it very hard to talk to people, especially large groups of people. My sister, on the other hand, always absolutely loved being the center of attention. Her confidence and carefree attitude inspired me, and I do believe that she is the main reason why I stopped worrying what people think about me and started feeling comfortable with myself. She truly helped build my personality and made me who I am today.

Lauren helps me get through the hard times in my life, just my simply being her fun, crazy self. Her adventurous and optimistic personality changes the way I see certain situations in life. She can turn any ordinary day into an amazing memory. 

My younger sister really helped me break out of my shell and develop a sense of confidence in myself. She continues to make me a better person, add joy into my life, and inspires me to improve myself every day. 

In English class yesterday, we discussed the topic of how older siblings can be heroes for their younger siblings. We then talked about how the younger siblings don’t get enough recognition. This really spoke to me, and made me realize just how lucky I am to have a sister as great as Lauren. She is my hero without a cape.

Morgan Wright
nap queen & chicken nugget fiend
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