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Pro-Life club bought over 30 movie tickets for Mercy students and parents to see the movie Unplanned last Wednesday.

The students who went to go see the movie Unplanned

Unplanned is the life story of Abby Johnson who had a boyfriend in college who was 10 years older than she was. She ended up getting pregnant and went to get an abortion. Abby and her boyfriend got married and she pregnant yet another time.

She found out her husband was cheating on her and filed for a divorce the next day. She needed to get another abortion; she couldn’t live the rest of her life raising the child because it would be a constant reminder of her ex-husband. She went into the clinic and since she wasn’t too far into the pregnancy and she could take a pill and get rid of her baby a little more “naturally” and “humanely”.

She was told it would just be like a heavy period with small cramping. It turned out that she had excruciating pain over several weeks. Abby also began to volunteer at the abortion clinic and later became employed as a counselor. She quickly was promoted to head of that clinic.

There were often people who prayed at the fence and discouraged many people from making a decision that would negatively affect them the rest of their lives.

Abby thought she was fighting for a woman’s rights to do what she wanted with her body. Abby thought she was helping people and decreasing the amount of abortions.

Abby won the employee of year award, but when she was told to double the amount of abortions, Abby questioned it. She said she thought she was supposed to decrease the number of abortions and to double it would go against what they stand for. She was called to the headquarters in Houston, Texas for a penalty. Abby went back to the clinic the next day and was asked if she could provide an extra pair of hands in the abortion.

She went in to help the surgeon and saw what really happens. The surgeon was trying to remove the baby. The baby moved away from the surgeons tool. The baby was fighting for life. In seconds the baby was gone.

Abby saw the cruel reality of abortions.

Abby is at the fence telling the young girl not to make a decision she will regret

She quit soon after and started praying at the fence of the abortion clinic where she worked. Abby was sued for looking at her own files earlier but she won the case.

Theology teacher Mr. Maddigan said this was a moving and inspiring movie that will call people to action to defend unborn children.

Joan McKenna
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