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Do You Need a Date for Prom?

As everyone prepares for prom, many girls are scrambling to find dates. But the question is, are dates really needed? I mean, sure, it might be nice, but why do girls want a date so badly? What’s wrong with going with a group of friends?

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Girls sometimes feel pressured to find a date when everyone in the friend group has one. Many girls end up in this situation and then clamber to find a date at the last minute so as not to be the only single one in the group.

Mrs. Klein said that she has observed, over her years of planning prom and working at Mercy, that girls in their junior year of high school tend to want to bring a guy more than those in their senior year. When it comes time to be a senior, they would rather spend time with their friends at prom.

Many junior girls have the mentality that they absolutely have to have a date for prom. But after realizing that dates aren’t that much fun, most girls choose to stick to only going with friends for their senior year. It may be the last year that they’re together and it is their last prom, so it is much more fun to enjoy those moments with friends. 

So next time instead of struggling to find a date, realize that there is plenty of time in the future for boys. These moments with friends are once in a lifetime experiences.


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