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A Hidden Artist

In Mercy, students have many opportunities to be in art. Students can choose from a variety of art classes to learn more in depth aspects of everyday things. At Mercy we showcase art that students make all around our school and in art shows. Some students choose to continue making art to sell it, while others just want to try something new. 

Carolyn Hire is currently taking an art class to further her ability of drawing and understanding art. She has created many pieces this year and some of her more well known works are on Color Schemes in Action, Metamorphic Metal and Veil Method Oil Paintings. Though these do not have names, the pieces show great effort and creativity.

Color Schemes in Action

In this piece named “Color Schemes in Action” Carolyn used acrylic paint, silicone oil and resin. This combination is unpredictable. Mixing these together can create almost any shape. This creates really cool, abstract patterns that allow you to decide what it looks like.

In this second piece named “Veil Method Oil Paintings”, Carolyn used different oil techniques. She used shadowing and highlighting to make sure her main focus would be the first thing the eye went to.

Veil Method Oil Paintings

In her third piece named the “Metamorphic Metal”, she used pencils to create a metal  that was not human. This piece uses depth perception to look like it is coming towards you. 

Metamorphic Metal

At Mercy people rarely see all of the artwork that is done. Many pieces are shown and many are not. Carolyn is just one of the many hidden artists at Mercy to see more please go check out

If you would like to check out Carolyn Hires or any other Mercy girl artwork please go to or for more of Carolyn Hires work go to !

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