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On to College ACT Prep with John Baylor

by Morgan Wright

Taking the ACT or SAT is one of the major steps students take before applying to colleges.

There is a large amount of pressure on kids to do well on these tests because their score can be just as important as their GPA.

Both the student’s GPA and their score on these tests have the power to determine what types of academic scholarships they receive as well as how much money they will save on an education.

All of the Juniors at Mercy High School, including myself, have been working very hard this year on learning how to improve their scores.

John Baylor is helping us out by reviewing basic grammar rules with us, going over challenging math skills, and reminding us of some very simple test-taking strategies that will assist us while taking the test.

Earlier on in the school year, we watched some of John Baylor’s On to College Prep videos and did a few practice tests to help us prepare for what we will see on the test, so that we would know what to expect.

John Baylor is a very smart and kind man. He truly inspires each of us to reach our goals and achieve a jump in our scores.

”John Baylor really makes you feel like you personally are the most important scholar. Hammer the grammar!” -Claire Howell, Class of 2020

Throughout this program, we have learned that although we may not love discussing grammar rules at 7:40 in the morning, it is going to pay off for us in the long run as long as we continue to work hard.

I am very grateful for this opportunity and for John Baylor believing in my classmates and I.

I know all of us will do an amazing job on the ACT!

Morgan Wright
nap queen & chicken nugget fiend
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