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Spring Positivity

Spring is here! Getting out of the house is a little easier and more enjoyable. Some people think spring is the best season of them all, so they justified their decision.

Ms. Blessie, a teacher at Mercy High School, said “I love how two weeks ago it was freezing, and all of a sudden it’s nice.” This isn’t the case for all over the United States, but in Nebraska’s case the transition takes only a couple days. The flowers begin to bloom and look around to finally see a pop of color. Some may say the best part is the daytime lasts a lot longer.

Senior Susie Huggins says her favorite part is “driving home and it’s not dark at 5 o’clock.” 

Club Softball Season

It’s time for the more productive part of the year. Every year the beginning of spring starts with a to do list, but they don’t always get done. If boredom sets in, here is a list that may help your physical or mental health.


  -listen to the rain 

  -do a little spring cleaning 

  -have a picnic at the park

  -bake some cupcakes 

   (make them bright and colorful)

  -spend time with family for the Easter season


  -go for a jog or run 

   (whatever pace that’s comfortable)

  -join a sports team 

   (whether it’s recreational or club)

  -go swinging at the park

  -visit the zoo


  -do some yoga

  -wash a car with friend

  -go on a nature walk

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