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A State of Emergency

    In the week of March 10th the Midwest was struck by a bomb cyclone which covered Nebraska in snow and rain. The frozen ground forced rainwater to flow into rivers and low-lying areas. Big blocks of ice were already stuck in rivers but the cold temperatures caused the rain and melted snow to create ice blockages in rivers. The rivers would overflow near bridges and piers. Offutt Air Force Base, which oversees the Pentagon’s nuclear deterrence and global strike capabilities, was severely damaged. Flood water submerged sections of an airstrip and flooded dozens of buildings

The floods have killed at least four people and forced four tribal areas, sixty-five counties and seventy-five cities in Nebraska to issue emergency declarations. Twenty-nine counties had evacuations, and so far only 18 have allowed people to return to their homes. Many livestock farmers were finding their newly born calves washed up on riverbanks around their properties. Others were completely cut off from their cattle. Houses that have private water sources like wells were advised to test their water before use since the flood water could have contaminated it.

Many companies like McDonalds, U.S. Cellular, Baker’s and Hy-Vee are donating supplies or sales towards disaster relief, but there are many ways people can help as well. Citizens can volunteer, donate blood or platelets, or donate to disaster relief all through Red Cross. The Nebraska Department of Agriculture is accepting things like hay, feed and fencing for the farms that were affected. Any donation is appreciated no matter the size so give what you can. The smallest donations can make a world of difference.


Satalite images from NASA
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