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What Happened to the Golden Girls?

Go Monarchs go! Mercy has many unique events that happen throughout the school year and one of them is pep rallies. From rapping, teachers dancing, and students being blindfolded and told to “moo”, pep rallies are something to look forward to at Mercy. 

This school year we have had many pep rallies, especially in the first semester. Since we have begun the second semester, pep rallies have slowly started to fade away. Most people at Mercy don’t know who is behind  the pep rallies. They are none other than the Golden Girls. 

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The club is lead by theology teacher Mrs. Regele. Golden Girls club is responsible for putting together some of the craziest pep rallies, but they are mostly known for their school spirit at Mercy sporting events. Recently there has been a decline in pep rallies and school spirit. People around Mercy are beginning to notice the lack of pep rallies and crazy, out of hand assemblies in the gym. 

At the beginning of this school year many people joined Golden Girls and the club was going strong. Over time, people have started not showing up to the meetings. I talked to one of Golden Girls core team members, Sophie Harvat. A Golden Girl, she, stated, “We’re still a club and we still are supporting the teams.” Mercy students have slowly stopped coming to the meetings which means there are fewer people to contribute to a successful Spring pep rally. With fewer people and only meeting every other Friday, it has been getting more difficult and time consuming to plan future pep rallies.

If you are interested in being a part of this club, please talk to Mrs. Regele in room 26. Golden Girls meets every other Friday after school. They are always supporting Mercy’s sports teams, coordinating pep rallies and spreading school spirit all around. They are full of spirit and would love for you to join them every other Friday after school!

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