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The Hate U Give Review

The Hate U Give  

Review by Morgan Wright

The Hate U Give is an amazing story written by Angie Thomas. The main character, Starr, is living in what feels to be two completely different worlds. 

Starr lives in Garden Heights, which is considered to be the more “ghetto” part of town. She attends school in Williamson, which is known for the more rich people, and is almost an hour away from her house. Her best friends, Hailey and Maya, attend the same school as Starr. Although, Starr does not live near her school in Williamson like her friends do. Starr’s boyfriend, Chris, also goes to school with them.

One night, after a party in Garden Heights, Starr’s friend, Khalil, is shot and killed by a police officer. He was unarmed, and what the officer did was very unjust. As a witness, Starr goes through a great deal of trauma, many interviews with various people, and a long process in an attempt to get justice for Khalil. She has an internal battle with herself and her fear to speak out about this horrible issue, as well as stand up for herself and others. 

Her friend from school, Hailey, begins to show some changes in her personality. She was starting to make some racist comments and say that Khalil deserved to die because he was a gang member. Starr decides that she doesn’t want to be close friends with Hailey anymore.

 Throughout the story, we get to see Starr’s self-confidence grow tremendously. She begins to come out of her shell and use her voice, despite all the people who are against her. From speaking up about getting the justice that her friend deserves, to not standing for other people’s racism against herself and others, Starr shows a whole bunch of growth and strength.

 Overall, I really loved this book, I think it is very inspirational and interesting! Coming from someone that typically dislikes reading, I would definitely recommend it!

Morgan Wright
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