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Lent: What to Give Up

This year, Lent has just begun for everyone who is a Catholic around the world. Lent is a time where one is recommended to give to up something that would be difficult for them or do something extra in order to improve their relationship with God. Lent begins on Ash Wednesday and Catholics are encouraged to receive ashes on their foreheads during a mass as a sign of their faith. To get more insight on what students and teachers around Mercy are doing for Lent, I talked to a few people in our building. 

Annie Vana, a sophmore at Mercy, gave up coffee for Lent due to her frequent caffeine headaches. Not only is Annie giving up something for Lent, she is making herself a better person. Anna Ham, Class of 2020, decided to give up candy this Lent. She says that it will be difficult, yet rewarding. Senior Lia Rose Reckmyer decided to give up snacking at night, leaving her more time to do things more meaningful to her. Mrs. Adams, our English and theology teacher, told me that she was giving up buying a Diet Coke every day this Lent. When asked about it, she said that this is on her mind much more and is hopefully pushing her to become a more cautious person. As a school, Mercy is also giving up some of our more upbeat songs during mass to allow more time for reflection.

The light from the stained glass window is a sign for how much God loves us, especially during this Lenten time. 

Personally, this Lent I am giving up fast food due to my severe problem of going to Taco Bell, McDonald’s, and Burger King often. Although I miss my spicy potato soft taco, I know that giving up something rewarding for Lent will lead me closer to where I want to be. This is a good time to think about life and what can be cut out or added to improve our relationship with God.

Allison Vana
Taco Bell’s number one supporter.
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