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Freshmen Thoughts on Spring Sports

Audrey Swanson, Melany Davis, and Lilee Surdell

Spring sports here at Mercy are just starting up, tho the weather doesn’t seem like spring is here. Snow is still on the ground and it’s slowing melting. The grass isn’t visible  yet but we’re slowly getting there. Nebraska weather is wild.  

It can be scary playing sports as a freshman because most are nervous to start and they might be scared of what others think of them. I talked to some of the freshmen about spring sports here at Mercy.

Tennis has not started practicing yet due to the weather, and girls can’t wait to start practicing and having fun. When asked about her thoughts on the starting tennis season Audrey Swanson said “I’m nervous and anxious but I can’t wait to start playing.”

Soccer has been practicing and they are scheduled to have their first game soon. Last year soccer made it to state and  that can be some pressure for new players. I asked Melany Davis how she is feels about the upcoming season starting up She said, “It’s really nerve racking because you don’t know how you will fit in with the others and connect with your team.”

Track and field  started pretty early with conditioning. They run all around the school and lift weights. When asked how she felt about beginning track season, Lilee Surdell said, “I enjoy it because the other girls are so nice and I am making friends in other grades.”

Playing sports and doing extra curriculars are a great way to get involved here at Mercy, as well as make lots of friends!













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