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The Clothes Spin

As I go through my junior year of high school, all I hear about is college. Where am I going to college, what am I going to major in? But to me, what I’m most worried about is how I am going to survive without my parents. As my mom constantly tells me, I’m not fit for life outside of my house. I can barely make toast without burning it and I don’t know where to start when doing my laundry. Many people can make toast just fine so, I decided to write down a list of instructions for myself and those like me, who don’t know how to do laundry.

First you will want to gather all of your dirty laundry and sort it by color. This step is crucial, because if something red gets in with your whites, then say goodbye to those 

laundry soap

After sorting, select the water temperature on your washer, add in your laundry soap, and then you can finally put in your clothes. 

Before starting your load you will want to determine your wash cycle, for example: heavy, light, gentle, etc. After the wash has completed its cycle, put the clothes in the dryer.

After putting in your clothes, add a dryer sheet to reduce static and wrinkles. Select your dryer cycle and temperature.

my cat with dryer sheets

After this cycle has been completed, put the clothes in a basket and fold them. Or if you are like my family, you spend ten hours on the couch attempting to fold it, but it never happens, so they end up sitting in the basket and you just grab your clothes from there.

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