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Dunkin Theft

One thing that really gets my blood boiling is when someone steals your food. It really gets me furious. I just want to sit down and enjoy my food without having to guard it with my life. I don’t mind sharing but when people snatch my food without my consent makes me upset.

Story time:

My mom was very generous and took me to Dunkin Donuts. I ordered a Caramel latte and mini donuts. The mini donuts came in a pack of ten with a variety of flavors. I was so excited to snack on them.

I arrived at school and I was minding my own business when Josie decided to grab a lil donut and pop it into her mouth. I looked at her in disbelief, I thought to myself you did not just take my donut without my consent. She had the audacity to reach for my coffee. The literal nerve Josie had. Throughout the day I couldn’t help but give her a dirty look.

I hope one day I can forgive Josie for stealing my donuts and disrespecting me and my breakfast.

Josie if you are reading this stay away from my food. I will get you back. The moral of the story is to never steal food from one another it will not turn out well.

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