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Take Control of Your Schedule

My accordion folder labeled with each class

As the 21st century throws information and tasks at us, we need time to catch up, schedule, and follow through with what we need to get accomplished. The best way to get stuff done and to reach goals is through motivation and organization. Especially as teenage girls, we have jobs, extracurriculars, homework, projects, etc. This list goes on! I’ll share some helpful tips on how to organize your school, home, and social life.

My Homework Planner

Starting with your academics, I recommend having a designated notebook and folder for every class. I personally like accordion folders but getting a big binder is just as helpful too. Label every folder and notebook with the class name. You can even color coordinate these items in order to have a certain color for each class. Another vital item for school planning is your planner. Having a to-do list or an agenda, either paper or electronic, can help you literally see what needs to be done. Most importantly, the best part of having a planner is crossing an item off!

My at home calendar for work, extracurriculars, and fun plans

Finally, for your home and social life I recommend a calendar. I like keeping my homework and social life items separate. Write down all your extracurriculars, weekend plans, appointments, and family events on this calendar. Once again, cross off the events and days after completion.

Hopefully with these tips, you can feel motivated and organized to tackle anything that comes your way!

Katherine Tietjen
college football enthusiast and future dog mom
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