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Most people know what I am talking about when I say teenage girls are addicted to scrunchies and fanny packs. But do you really know why? Is it a fashion statement? Is it useful? What are people’s point of views of these items?

Scrunchies: Supposedly bigger ponytails but do you really see anyone wear them? Most students at Mercy just put them in their Fanny packs in case of an emergency.

Parents main thoughts: Why are these so expensive? Are you they even going to wear them?

Teens main thoughts: These are so cute just wait till I show my friends!

Honestly in my opinion just buy normal cheap hair ties but what ever floats your boat!

Fanny packs: Mostly used for holding phones that your not supposed to have and pencils which you end up being to lazy to take out. The most popular type of Fanny pack at Mercy is The North Face because why not.

Parents thoughts: Why cant you choose a cheaper brand? You can’t put your iPad in that thing! What’s the purpose?

Teens thoughts: Oh my gosh my best friend has the same one.

I believe they are very useful to hold stuff without your full attention to it.  

Converse and Vans: moderately priced shoes and great for the eyes!

Parents thoughts: Wow those are cute shoes I might have to get a pair for myself!

Teens thoughts: No! Not happening mom!

Converse and Vans have been very popular lately and they are appeasing to the eye so if you are need of shoes that can last a year or longer Converse and Vans are great!

Starbucks coffee: overly priced coffee people usually get in the morning instead of eating breakfast. A shot of caffeine right in the heart.

Parents thoughts: How much is it?!?! Why is it so expensive? You owe me!  

Teens thoughts: Cause it’s good. Ohhhh I think I need more Starbucks coffee in my life.

Honestly if you have money to go to Starbucks on a regular basis go you. Me personally, I only go to Starbucks to treat myself if I have a gift card.

Sweats: Very comfy and very unfortunate not being able to wear throughout the school today.

Parents thoughts: Why do you wear them so much at home?

Teens thoughts: Because I’m lazy mom.

Sweats are very comfortable and you should wear them any chance you get when at home.

Messy hair: To lazy to brush your hair? Put it in a messy bun! No one cares!

Parents thoughts: You have messy hair! Doesn’t anyone tell you?

Teens thoughts: wow my hair looks good today!

At Mercy you don’t necessarily have to brush your hair but is is strongly recommend. 

Elena Panton
Dog lover and professional Netflix binge athlete
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