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Suspense That Kills!

A Quiet Place is a wonderfully put together movie that was so suspenseful and it had me on the edge on my seat.

A Quiet Place is a movie much like Bird Box. In order to survive, you must be able to stop doing something you are used to doing. You can’t talk or it will get you. 

A family, one of the few left, started to use sign language in order to continue communicating with each other. Thankfully they knew sign language because one of their children was deaf.

The deaf daughter, played by Millicent Simmons, is deaf in real life. While this was going on the dad, played by John Krasinski, continued to try to make different ear pieces that would allow his daughter to hear. 

While the family was out, the mom, played by Emily Blunt, dropped a picture frame because she stepped on a nail sticking up out of the stairs. The glass shattered and the noise alerts the creature to her location. In all this mess, she start having her baby.

Somehow, she was able to deliver her baby on her own and the baby stayed silent. After family returns and a secret weakness is revealed, the deaf girl’s ear piece is just the right frequency that it hurts the creatures and eventually kills them. 

Sophomore Maria Gerardo-Dominguez said “A Quiet Place is one of the most suspenseful movies that I have ever watched. Each moment made me wonder what would happen next.”

Rotten tomatoes rated this movie a 95%. It was an amazing movie and I would definitely rate it a ten out of ten. I would recommend this movie to people who love scary movies, thrillers, or the movie Bird Box.

Joan McKenna
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