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Rusty Taco Review

Cheap delicious tacos are delicious and amazing. Recently a new restaurant opened on 14919 W Maple Road. Most people don’t think of how restaurants became what they are. Rusty Taco is very passionate about their history. It all began in Dallas Texas on Rusty’s family road trip. Some people know this restaurant better as R Taco but in September of 2018, it was changed to the original name Rusty Taco. When the first Rusty Taco opened, it was connected to a gas station. When Rusty and his wife opened up their  restaurant, their intentions were to have good, cheap Mexican food for people all over and to build a community.

My experience was one to remember. When I walked in I immediately noticed the pop of color and the delicious smell of tacos. I looked over to the kitchen where I saw the tacos being made. I thought it was really cool to watch the food being made right after ordering it.

The service speed was really good. It took less than 10 minutes to order, get a drink and sit down and begin eating. Rusty Taco has a variety of things to add, free of charge. They have a full station dedicated to sauces, mild to extremely hot for people who love spice and flavor. I thought it was really cool that they labeled the sauces and organized them by how hot they are in cute containers. I was able to find the sauce I wanted right away.

The design of the restaurant is modern. There are tables with umbrellas indoors, bars looking out the bright gigantic windows and garage door that lead outside. The design is outstanding. The restaurant uses neutral colors like light blue. The tables are very well put inside and outside, each having lots of space for people to walk in. Overall, I would recommend R Taco (Rusty Taco) to any of my friends wanting cheap, fast, good Mexican food. The design is modern and clean while the food is quick and delicious.

Elena Panton
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