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Is Qdoba Worth Your Dough?

Qdoba is a restaurant known for its fast food and tex mex cuisine. Just how good is Qdoba? Walking in everything was clean and tidy. There were two people in front of me in line, and it took less than ten minutes to get my food. I ordered a rice bowl and queso. The cashier was extremely kind. It was fairly inexpensive.

The nice thing about Qdoba is the variety of ingredients and how you can customize your own dish. There are also so many different options on the menu.

The foods was really tasty. All of the ingredients were fresh. The rice ran out so I received freshly made rice. The bowl was all evenly distributed with all the toppings, there was no need the stir up the bowl. They had lots of drink options to choose from.

The queso was filled up to the rim, so you get your money’s worth. The queso was the perfect temperature and was full of flavor. The chips were not stale and had the perfect amount of salt. The lime zest really gave a kick that counteracted the queso.

The atmosphere was very relaxing. They had nice calming background  music to listen to. The restaurant was decorated nicely for Valentine’s Day. There was a happy Valentine’s Day sign right when you walked in. The railings were decorated with a red and pink sparkly garland. On your table there was a red and pink heart decorated pot.

Compared to another similar restaurant like Chipotle, there are cheaper prices, free guacamole, and at Qdoba you won’t get sick from any outbreaks that happened unlike Chipotle.

In all I would highly recommend going to Qdoba. I had a pleasent experience and would absolutely go there again. Qdoba is a great restaurant to go to, and one hundred percent worth your dough.

Julia Tripp
shorter than most
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