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Thank You Snow Much!

Over the past week Nebraska has been getting a lot of snow on and off making the roads very slick. Car crashes are doubling, cars are swerving, and cars are going off the road because the roads simply turned into ice overnight. When the roads are slick and icy, school districts have to take into consideration if they will proceed with school the next day.

Many factors contribute to a school district calling a snow day. The school’s administration has to factor in everyone’s safety such as the staff and students, they do not want to compromise any person’s safety for any reason. The news stations’ weather predictions can greatly impact a school district’s decision to call a snow day or not. Some of the most common predictors that cancel school are snow storms and the possibility of icy roads. Another contributing factor is school provided transportation. It’s just not about school buses getting around, but kids being able to get to their bus stops and how long it’s safe to stand outside based on the weather conditions. These are among the many factors that impact many families in getting their kids to school on time depending how far or close they live to their school.

Snow flying off of a table after a full day of snow

In the past week kids and teens have been glued to their phones late at night hoping to see if school is cancelled the next day so they can sleep in. Lucky for kids all over Omaha and other parts of Nebraska, Friday the 18th to Tuesday the 22nd kids got to stay home due to bad weather conditions. Looking into the next few weeks, weather predictions show no more major snow possibilities. Eddie Panton, a parent of four, states, “I predict that there won’t be any more snow days for the remaining school year.” Eddie hopes that he won’t have to take off anymore days of work because everything gets pushed back. If the amount of snow days increase there will be a greater chance of days being added to the end of the school year.

Though many kids believe snow days are for sleeping in and being lazy, some people use it to their advantage. Erin Hardy says, “Snow days give me extra time to study since I’m usually busy all the time.”

A day off school can help some people get the extra time they need to study and catch up on work while being stuck indoors. Hopefully, there won’t be many more snow days so schools don’t have to add extra days to the end of the school year. Thank you snow much and have a snowtastic day!

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