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Just Keep Swimming

The girls’ hard work payed off in the end when the they won first place out of eight schools last Saturday at their swim meet. The girls won by a half of a point beating Omaha North with 121.5 points. 

Head coach Jimmy Parmenter said “Everyone pulled together for one of the best meets of the season.” 

Junior Ellie Becker scored nine points, junior Rhys Slavik scored four and a half points, and senior Elyse Schweikert and sophomore Joan McKenna both scored two points. 

Mercy girls excited to win first!

Ellie placed fourth in the 200 yard medley relay and 100 back and fifth in 200 yard IM and 200 yard free relay.

Rhys placed third in the 400 free relay, fourth in the 200 yard medley relay, sixth in the 500 yard free, and seventh in the 50 free.

Elyse placed fifth in the 200 yard free relay, seventh in the 200 yard free, and 14 in the 100 yard free. 

Joan placed seventh in the 100 yard back and eighth in the 200 yard medley relay. 

Sophomore Alexis Hernandez-Portuguez placed fifth in the 200 yard free relay and eighth in the 200 yard medley relay.

Junior Olivia Behrens placed fourth in the 100 yard breast stroke, fifth in the 500 yard relay, and eighth in the 200 yard relay.

Freshman Olivia Hassling was not able to swim because of her concussion but will hopefully be back in the pool soon. 

The last event was the boys 400 freestyle relay and the they needed to get first place in that relay to possible win first place over all. Despite their loss, the swim team cheered them on all the way. 

Roncalli senior Cole Griesman said “Mercy girls always strive to do better than their best… I love how they cheer on everyone on our team and go out of their way to support us, we wouldn’t be the same without them.” 

Joan McKenna
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