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Cage the Cardinals

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The Mercy monarchs  took on their rivals Duchesne Academy of the Sacred Heart Cardinals, on Friday night. The Monarchs quickly took the lead, and led with great defense and amazing control with the ball. In the first quarter the Cardinals had a hard time keeping up with the fast movements of the Monarchs. Coming back from half time the Cardinals stepped up their game and they started to keep up with the Monarchs. The fourth quarter was where it became extremely close. The last minute and a half were crucial but the Cardinals had a four point lead. The Monarchs needed a miracle and the clock wasn’t their friend. The Cardinals sealed it with a free throw with seconds left.  Mercy freeman  Lilee Surdell said,”They did their best and worked their hardest, but in the end they lost in a split second.” Both the Monarchs and the Cardinals fought really hard and it was a great game to watch.

The theme was wacky spirit for the Monarchs. Girls had glitter in their hair and paint on their legs. Some girls had boas and monarch wings. Don’t  forget about those bird cages to cage the Cardinals. Mercy girls really have school spirit. On the other side the Cardinals had their  jungle hats on and brought their butterfly nets, they were ready to capture the Monarchs.

Friday night was full of cheer and excitement. The Monarchs took the loss pretty hard losing to their rivals, but that won’t stop them from coming to win next season!

Julia Tripp
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