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What is Mercy’s Mission?

Every year Mercy has a different mission that they raise money for through events and fundraisers. The mission this year is to raise sixteen thousand dollars for Syrian refugees in Lebanon. According to Ms. Marcuccio, the student council moderator, “Mercy High School’s Student Council devotes themselves to a philanthropic mission project every year” which is very true. The girls in student council work extremely hard to help run events and do all they can to help us reach our goal.

Syrian refugees are fleeing from their homes because of war and are going to Lebanon in search of a better life. Most of the refugees have only the clothes on their backs and Mercy is trying to change that. We are raising money to get them basic necessities like food, water, clean clothes, hygiene products and education for children. Most of the things that refugees need are things we tend to take for granted which really put things in perspective for me and hopefully for others as well.

According to, around eight thousand refugees have already returned home after the subsiding of the Civil War in Syria but times are still tough, so many stay. It’s hard to tell whether it’s safer in Lebanon or Syria but most stay in Lebanon in small, crowded camps. “Our mission every single year has impacted so many lives. With the money that we raise, we can help so many people” said Lily Dang, a member of student council.

Mercy Freshmen at Pack the House

Mercy has many events that bring in money for the mission and are also very popular among students. Some of those events or ways we raise money are fiesta, the glow dance. Pack the House, Mission Week and water bottle and sweatshirt sales.

Mercy not only cares about our students but we also care about those all over the world. The whole school is determined to reach our goal and help make a difference.

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