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Reality is Setting In

It’s that time of the year. Everyone is applying and choosing where they’re going to college. Everything is becoming so real, life is going to change. 

Candid moments

It’s hard to imagine going to school next year without some of my closest friends. As a freshman at Mercy I only knew two people. Since then I’ve become friends with new people, and over my three and a half years here so far, I’ve created such strong bonds with all of them. It’s really hard to think about how it’s taken my whole time here to develop such great friendships, but in a few short months we will be going separate ways. 

I’m so incredibly excited to go to Benedictine College next year, but it is two and a half hours southeast from Omaha. I don’t want to leave all the friends I’ve made, but I know that they are also choosing to go where their hearts will be the happiest. 

Thanks for the memories!

I’m going to miss Sarah when she’s at Morningside College next year; our colleges are 4 hours away, in opposite directions. I’m going to miss Brooke who is also traveling north to South Dakota State University, even farther away from where I’ll be. I’m going to miss Elyse, who will be at the University of Mary, even farther north than Brooke. I’m going to miss Maureen, who’s following her heart even though I’ve tried to jokingly convince her not to. I don’t know if I’ll be able to handle the fact that she’ll be at Franciscan University, 13 hours away. 


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