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The Hype of Spirit Week

Spirit Week is a very exciting time of the year for the Mercy community. Occurring the week before Saturday’s Nocturne, it is full of fierce competitions, elaborate costumes, and warm and fuzzy bags. It’s a crazy time for the students and faculty and many hours go into planning the theme, dance, and decorations. I sat down with Sam Burns, a sophomore Student Council representative, to hear what she has to say about the planning experience so far.

Q: “What all needs to be planned for Spirit Week?”

Sam Burns hangs her class’ warm and fuzzy bags in preparation for Spirit Week.

A: “There are a lot of extended meetings when it comes time for Student Council to start preparing for Spirit Week. We also plan different themes for each day and come up with a play to reveal the overall theme for Nocturne.”

Q: “As a Student Council representative, what do you specifically do to make sure the week runs smoothly?”

A: “I make sure that my class is getting excited for Spirit Week and Nocturne. Student Council also divides up into different committees to make sure everything goes smoothly. I am specifically on the snack committee so I get to help make cute snacks for one of the days during the week.”

Q: “What fun activities go on during the week?”

A: “Leading up to Friday, each class plans a dance that goes along with the theme. It’s a lot of fun and gets pretty competitive. Each class also decorates their hallway and a winner is chosen for each of those activities. Then of course at the end of Spirit Week we have Nocturne!”

Q: “What is your favorite part about Spirit Week?”

A: “It’s hard to pick a favorite but one of my favorite parts about Spirit Week is the class dance. It’s super fun coming up with different remixes for songs and coming up with a dance with your whole class. I’m really excited to get to go to Nocturne this year too.”

Q: “Do you like being part of the “behind the scenes”? Why or why not?”

A: “I absolutely love being behind the scenes of Spirit Week. I like being able to be a part of what makes spirit week such a fun experience for everybody and it’s great to see all of the work that we put into it pay off.”

Q: “Do you think there will be a good level of participation from the students this year?”

A: “I think there’ll be lots of participation in Spirit Week. The themes are great to be able to go all out with and I know my class is ready to get bragging rights for class dance!”

Emily Erlbacher
Senior at Mercy and proud member of the Optimism Club, the volleyball team and Student Council.
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