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New Banners in Front of Mercy!

The new tag line, “Faith in her future” is proudly displayed alongside Mercy’s crest.

Driving down 48th street, a new addition to Mercy’s plaza can be seen. New pole banners have been put up outside, and you can’t miss them! There are two small banners on each lamp pole in front of the school. One has the Mercy crest, and the other says “Faith in her future,” the new tag line. And of course, they’re in school colors, blue and gold. 

Deb Daley, Communications Director, has been responsible for managing the branding at Mercy. The school was rebranded last year; this included a new logo, brand messaging, and recruitment materials. She also facilitated a leadership session about signage that needed to be redone with administrators at Mercy. They discussed how several local high schools have similar banners and how they enhance the look of the school. The group agreed on the idea and design work began. In fact, the Archdiocese of Omaha offered a marketing grant to Mercy to help defray cost of these banners.

A beautiful view of the school and banners for those driving down 48th Street.

As a student, I think these are great banners. The colors and design really pop and definitely catch your eye. They give Mercy a very official look and will surely draw in families of perspective students. Make sure to take a look at them next time you drive by Mercy!

Claire Fink
I’m a senior who loves art and Fazoli’s
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