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Girl’s Best Friend

We’ve all heard dogs being referred to as “man’s best friend.” I never truly understood this until almost a year ago, when my family got our first dog, Grace. We drove down to Lincoln to meet her on December 30, 2017. Immediately we decided to adopt her and we knew that she’d quickly become part of our family. Backtrack to when I was 7, our family got two cats. They were great additions to our family and we love them so much. However, I believe that dogs bring a certain quality or presence that you don’t even realize is missing until you experience it. It’s almost indescribable, but dogs just have that capability to bring so much joy into your life. They won’t judge you when you need to rant, they can sense when you’re sad and cuddle up next to you, and ultimately all they want is to make YOU happy. 

My dog Grace has such a sweet personality, despite coming from a questionable background two states away. At first she was skeptical of us, but soon she learned to reciprocate the love we gave her. That’s the thing about dogs, they’re so adaptable. All they truly want is to love and to be loved. This is something we can learn from dogs and to apply to our lives as human beings. 

Grace has been such a blessing in my life. She helps me cope when I’m upset or stressed, she makes me laugh daily, and she’s always at the back door waiting to give me “puppy kisses” when I get home from school. She has truly brought a unitive quality to our family and I am so grateful that we adopted her. I would truly recommend adopting a dog from a shelter rather than a breeder, because there are so many deserving pups waiting to give you all of their love and attention. They truly will become your best friend. 

Claire Fink
I’m a senior who loves art and Fazoli’s
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