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Sing On!

Mercy’s choir competed at District Music on Friday, April 20th. Mercy High Singers had worked diligently to prepare for their upcoming performance. They worked on their solos, duets, ensembles, and octets and then came the day for them to compete. The girls took a bus to Platteview where they could showcase their talent. The songs were judged on a scale from 1 to 5, 1 meaning outstanding which multiple of the entries received.

Rena Lee, Libby Zeleny, Kateri Pantoja

Soloists Faith Santiago and Klaire Jeffrey received an amazing score of one. Hanna Stec, Emilia Plasek, Catherine Poteat, Carmen Dailey, Annabella Glatte all got the score of two or excellent for the solos they preformed. The duet including Rena Lee and Libby Zeleny scored a two, and Victoria Nimneh and Gina Troia got a three on their duet.

Mercy entered two Triple Trio vocal ensembles. One group had a score of one while the other obtained a two. Faith Santiago, Rachel Walter, and Catherine Poteat lead their group including Klaire Jeffrey, Maria Mapes, Macey McGargill, Audra Pflug, Emilia Plasek, and Caitlyn Thomas to accomplishing the best score possible. The second group of Via Long, Ajok Mareng, Victoria Nimneh, Jordan Schaffer, Gina Troia, and Libby Zeleny were all guided to success by their leaders Jeana Abboud, Bayle Lopez, and Carmen Dailey

The two groups of octets procured a score of one Outstanding and an Excellent rating. This ensemble was lead to success by Annabella Glatte, Mae Hoden, and Sarah Matelijan and they supported their group of Katie Geist, Rena Lee, Hanna Stec, Evelyn Varela- Alvarez, and Clara Woodward. In the group that scored anExcellent, the directors were Bianca Santiago, Lianne Hensley, and Brittney Belitz consisted of: Anna Buck, Jocelyn Crampton, Ina Keating, Kateri Pantoja, and Sarah Severes.

Mercy High Singers did an excellent job on Friday and represented our school well. Not only did the girls have a fun day performing, but all their hard work paid off when the judges gave them their scores.

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