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Baby Got BackHand: Tennis Interview

I sat with Ava Blankman, Pilar Craft, Emilee Baker, Lydia Cohen, Clara Keating & Abby O’Connor to ask a few questions about tennis.



Q: How long have you been playing tennis?

AB: I have been playing for three years.

Q: Do you like playing up at the net or in the back receiving the ball?

PC: When playing tennis I really like to play in the back. It makes me feel more comfortable because I can get some more speed and power on it. Playing in the back gives me more confidence and I know I can hit it deeper and angle it more. Also when I play at the net I feel like I hit it out most of the time because of hitting it too hard or miss overall.

Q: How do you prepare for the tennis season?

EB: I️ prepare for the tennis season by playing tennis with my friends. We hang out when it’s nice weather and play for hours. We just mess around and try new shots and techniques for the start of the season. We really like playing night tennis. It’s a lot harder to see the ball and I️t makes I️t so much more difficult but it’s a lot of fun. I️ also like to watch professional tennis on tv with my dad. I️ learn a lot from watching professionals play!

Q: Do you have any pre-game warm up routines?

LC: I stay positive, I do some stretches and rally back and forth with another teammate

Q: Do you like playing doubles or singles?

CK: I personally like playing doubles better because it’s fun having an extra teammate to help you out and it’s a lot more fun. When ever we get a point playing doubles it’s like a little celebration every time and there is someone cheering you up and helping you out. It’s also a bit easier since you don’t have to play the whole court just your area.

Q: Do you think you’ll play tennis in college competitively or just for fun?

AO: I don’t think I will play on a competitive team in college because I play tennis mostly for fun but I definitely think I will continue to play it after high school just as a fun activity with friends.


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