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Spring Time in Omaha: An Interview

On April 14th, I interviewed Sophmore Grace Landolt about what spring is like in Omaha.

What is Omaha usually like during the spring?

“It’s really nice outside, new things are blooming, its really pretty.”

What your favorite thing to do in the spring and why?

“I love taking my nieces and nephews to the park, when its warm it is really fun.”

How have your festivities changed this spring?

“I haven’t really been going outside much because of the weather.”

Do you mind the weather were having lately?

“Yes, its really cold and gross and snowy, not like spring.”

What’s the perfect temperature in the spring?

“Usually like 60’s”

Where is your favorite place to go in Omaha in the spring and why?

“I like going to Village Point and walking around and shopping with my friends.”


left: Grace Landolt, Right: Kami Upah


Kami Upah
I like to dance and do theater
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